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Thread: Looking for a PDP-8/e, f or m

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    Default Looking for a PDP-8/e, f or m

    I'm turning 50 in a couple of weeks and want to finally get a real blinkenlights PDP-8, an /E (preferred) or an /F or /M. Thought I'd try here.

    I had my mouse on the Buy-it-now of a good condition /E on ebay for ~$600, and am still kicking myself for not clicking... (I know that was a good price). The guy who bought it resold it (I missed that too).

    Anyway... if anyone knows of someone with one to sell, please let me know. I'm not above fixing one up that's not too far gone, or a base 4K or 8k system.

    I'm on the US east coast and willing to drive to pick it up, and could afford to ship from anywhere in the continental US.


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    I just sent an email to an old contact I made earlier this year. He said he had a PDP but I don't know which one. I'll let you know if it happens.

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    OK, it's a PDP-16 and the owner is trying to find the paper work. He leaves for Florida in two weeks, otherwise he won't be back until March of next year.

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    Default Thanks, but...


    Thanks, but I'm really looking for a PDP-8, not a 16. I want something a bit more mainstream that can run regular 12-bit DEC programs.

    The -16 is an interesting machine. There's some info for your friend here:

    Thanks anyway,

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