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Thread: XTIDE Universal BIOS

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixter View Post
    James was able to fix the DNS issue on his end, so now works correctly...

    ...however the main page says it was last modified two years ago, and I don't see any download links to binaries (these should be one of the first things listed at the top of the main page). The source tree is up to date, so that's good, but most people aren't going to want to (or can't) build bleeding-edge r600 from source. Can someone with authority or ownership modify the main page to more easily point to a "stable" and "bleeding edge" binary download?
    I agree that there should be a prominent link to the Binaries download page on the main page, The Information on the main page is out of date, It was just copied over from the old google code site, But it's still valid mostly. This has all been discussed before.

    "Stable and bleeding edge" hmm, It's very dificult to please everybody, The official binaries include modules that hopefully should suit most people but as you know that's not always the case and build your own from source is needed, Currently there is a problem with the building of the r599 and 600 binaries, that's why the folders are incomplete.

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    I was trying to figure that out myself as well. Luckily, there's the R598 that has the whole binary package if anyone's interested:

    I'll test this out on my Packard Bell desktop and see how well it works and report back.

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    Double post, sorry !
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