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Thread: Dimension 68000

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    I currently don't have an operational Dimension 68000 that isn't spoken for, but I have at least 10 chassis (cases), several motherboards, power supplies, floppy drives, etc. I'll make sure that I have a mobo with roms before I make any promises. The roms are the hard part, you see.

    Technically, all the Dimension stuff that I have is new, as in it was never sold. It was the leftover stock from a local shop that was apparently doing R&D.

    The mobo uses the 68000 processor. I do have Z80 and 8086 coprocessor cards. Also have RGB (quasi-EGA) and 512K ram cards.

    The real sticking point is keyboards. I have a box full of never-used keyboards (20+ years old) still wrapped from the factory. Trouble is, the keys use a foam cylinder as part of the mechanism and the foam has dry rotted. If you should happen to find a keyboard with the same mechanism and good foam, it's not difficult to swap the cylinders. Can't substitute a different keyboard, Dimension expects 300 baud ASCII for keyboard input.

    Software is no problem, I have everything that was supposed to come with a new machine, plus a few extra goodies.

    Cases show just a bit of wear, mainly from poor storage conditions and being moved around.

    My avatar is a scan of a Dimension floppy disk sleeve

    I'll let you know what I come up with.


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    Default Is Dimension Dude Still Around?

    Was going through some things in the CHM archives, and found that we have a machine and some documentation. Curious if there were schematics for the system around.

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    Wow - I missed this thread years ago, but I certainly remember salivating over the dimension when I was young - a miracle machine that could actually be a CP/M, Apple II, or even just a powerful 68K machine all in one!

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    Default Dimension Docs / Software / Firmware

    some floppy images

    manual scans, pictures of the boards, and dumps of most of the firmware

    I would like to find copies of the "Tool-Kit" (schems, rom, bios listings) to
    add to the archive, along with any other surviving software.

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    I know this is an old thread but there are only a few out there regarding this computer. I have a couple of questions:

    #1 Does anyone know if the disk images mentioned above work when written to floppy? I tried to write them with an old 486 and so far haven't been able boot them in the Dimension.
    #2 Dimension Dude, are you still out there. I would like to purchase a copy of disks if possible.
    #2 Anyone have a Dimension 68000 keyboard for sale?


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    I just answered #1 myself. Yes, the images work. I used Imagedisk to write and td0toimd to convert the .td0 images to imd. I successfully booted the Dimension 68000!!! Now looking for more images!!
    I was using a 1.2 Floppy to write them but that didn't work. Using a 360K drive worked perfect!

    Now on to keyboard. The keyboard is 300 BAUD TTL ASCII. I will try a terminal emulator with a serial to TTL converter and if all works, I will try to make an adapter using an Arduino.
    I can't believe I am this close to playing with the computer I dreamed about when I was a kid.

    - John

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    My posts are still have to be approved by the moderator so I don't know if this will show up before or after my last post about the disks booting.

    SUCCESS!!! Well for the most part. Laptop running Putty with USB to TTL converter is working for the most part. I can type any letter or symbol even the shift equivalent is working. However, the Enter key only types a 2 on the screen. I'm thinking that with some ASCII mapping I could get this working and then port to the Arduino. WOW!!!



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