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Thread: Any Utilities to Adjust Floppy Drive Heads?

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    Default Any Utilities to Adjust Floppy Drive Heads?

    Are there any utilities out there which aid in the adjustment of the heads in a floppy drive? I think I have a drive which may need to be adjusted, and my senile old brain seems to remember doing this 30 years ago but for the life of me, I can't remember what utility I used.

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    There was a disk, that when used with an oscilloscope, could do some low-level adjustment. But for the most part... just a good cleaning ( generally goes the trick.

    Speed adjustment is much simpler - most copy programs (Copy II Plus, etc.) came with a speed display, and rotation of the little potentiometer on the analog board could keep that in adjustment.

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    There's DriveProbe" ($ 200) by Accurite that can be used with their High Resolution Diagnostic diskette, but it'd be way cheaper just buying another drive, if you're only looking at aligning one or two.

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    Check out the APPLE II FAQ on floppy drives at

    I think this might be what your looking for. It explains how to use APTEST (which is easily found as a disk image on the various Apple II sites) to adjust the track center to match another drive. So it doesn't really help you get back to factory settings, but if you have a couple of drives that all seem to format and read each others disks, you could use this technique to bring back the one that is "off". I have never had to make these adjustments myself, though.

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    Default Aptest

    APTEST is here:

    I Have used Aptest for a while now and, while it is a good, all around utility, there is one thing to keep in mind. Which ever drive you use to format and create the Aptest disk now becomes the baseline drive to which all other drives will be compared. While it's not scope alignment grade, it is quite good and did allow me to rescue an A2M0107 that could only read it own disks. I seem to be repeating the above post, oops.

    Good Luck

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