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Thread: Favorite DOS Games!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Northcoaster View Post
    I played ROTT, (Rise of the Triad) from Apogee, it ran on the same game engine as did all ID games (maker of Doom)
    Actually, it's an enhanced Wolfenstein engine:

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    Fond memories of DOS gaming.

    My first DOS game was Bill Elliot's NASCAR challenge was probably the first DOS game on my first 486 PC. A polygon based racing game.

    Followed by Alex Higgins Snooker. A top down snooker game that is strangely addictive. Fits well under a floppy, few hundred kb!

    Some Apogee shareware titles:
    - Secret Agent Mission - Platformer in James Bond theme.
    - Crystal Caves - Platformer, similar to Secret Agent, a space miner theme.
    - Dark Ages - Platformer with a dungeons and dragons theme

    Indycar Racing - I was amazed by this game. It seemed a very realistic racing sim back then, well detailed tracks, car liveries etc.
    NASCAR Racing - Similar to Indycar with Nascars, though didn't seem to run as well on a 486. Spent more of my youth on this than I should have! Spent as much time in the paint shop as on the race track! Coupled with an early racing wheel and pedals, it probably helped to learn me the basics of driving!
    Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix - Seemed similar to Indycar, Formula 1 simulation. Ran very well on the 486, though it was probably not running in realtime, I didn't realise at the time that it was optimised for FPS rather than timing!
    Indycar 2 - More of the same
    Grand Prix Circuit - an old fashioned sprite based F1 game

    I then got a shareware CD with 4 titles on:
    - Doom - Wow! At the time it seemed like it was 'Virtual Reality' (which was a big buzzword in the early 90s), I'm sure everyone knows Doom!
    - Heretic - Like Doom but with an RPG-style theme. Quite liked the old village feel.
    - Descent - Was like Doom with a Z axis - a spaceship down corridors. Never really got into this, my Dad enjoyed it more.
    - Warcraft - Quite liked this, build up villages, build an army, attack the orcs!

    Sim City 2000 - Spent a lot of time on this building cities and trying to make a profit!
    Doom 2 - More of the same from Doom.
    Duke Nukem 3D - It was only the demo (though I later bought and played the full game), but it seemed fantastic in terms of setting and level design.
    Wolf 3D - Played this *after* Doom, to see where it all started. Gave me headaches to be honest, but finished the shareware episode.
    Rise of the Triad - Like a polished Wolf3d. I seem to recall a cheat for mad jumping?
    Micro Machines 2 - Fun little racing game, could make your own tracks!
    Dizzy - Prince of the Yolkfolk - I remembered Dizzy from the C64 days, looked great in VGA!
    Desert Strike - Like the console version
    Superkarts - Was like a PC Mario Kart, quite fun and had a multiplayer mode
    Little Divil - Nice puzzle game
    Theme Park - I seemed to have a roller coaster and several chicken men then go out of business
    Street Rod - Buy a car, modify it, race. Before Gran Turismo!
    PGA Golf - Similar to the console version, 3 click golf game.

    Flight sims:
    - F15
    - F29 Retaliator
    - MS Flight Sim 4
    - MS Space Sim - I remember this having Space Station Freedom, and driving the interstellar freighters.


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