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Thread: High Prices

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    Default High Prices

    I don't know if any of you guys have come across this site before, but these prices are really ridiculous!!

    $50.00 for a no-name 1.2MB 5.25 floppy!
    $200.00 for an IBM 5151!
    Here's the best- Generic 286 computer $315.00

    If I got $315.00 for all the 286's I had....

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    Default April April?

    I hope they've not updated that page in 15 years...

    No, I've got it.

    The significant other ordered the seller to "get rid of this crap".

    To which he/she replied, "I've got it up for sale, no is buying for some reason".

    very clever.

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    Default It's like...

    the kid standing on the street corner selling apples for one million dollars each.

    A guy walks up and says: "You're not going to sell many apples for a million dollars each."

    The kid says: "I only need to sell one!"

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    Ah yes, the infamous ABC resellers. Actually, according to the site, they get lots of business from the government. There was some kind of article in a newpaper or something I read a short while back talking about how the government is still using XT's and similar technology still for some stuff. That's probably where all their money comes from.

    As far as I know, they probably don't get any customers though. They have had the SAME stuff on that page for almost 2 years now at least, I can't think they have a whole warehouse of NOS XT cases and ST-506/412 hard drives. Most people I know who run stores give me the stuff they sell for the best price of them all...Nada, Zero, Zilch, absolutley freakin free.

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    IF the government or a large corperation need replacement parts then ABC is the way to go (they probably have warrenties for some of this stuff and can take purchase orders from fortune 500 companies which most small shops cannot do).

    The shop probably has few employees and each sale makes a nice profit.

    The stuff most of us get for free has 0 market value to the stores and people who want it gone (they sell or use much newer equipment).

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unknown_K

    The stuff most of us get for free has 0 market value to the stores and people who want it gone (they sell or use much newer equipment).
    Actually, it has a less-than-zero market value, cause if it weren't for us, they'd have to pay somebody to haul it off. We do them a great service.

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    Yes, those prizes are really high. However i like this kind of site for the beautiful photos of old stuff!


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