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Thread: Any early Sun collectors?

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    Default Any early Sun collectors?

    I guess "early sun" means pre sparc cpus, 68000 and 386. Can we get enough activity to start a sun category? I just won an ebay auction for the install tapes for sun 3 and somewhere I have a tape drive that I THINK is the correct one, it came in a sun style enclosure. I removed the tape drive planning to put in a cdrom drive, but never go around to it (and I never throw anything out).

    I also have early several sparc computers, running solaris 5 through 10 (the solaris 10 ones aren't that vintage, of course).

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    I'm not really a Sun collector, but I do have a 386i/250. Unfortunately I haven't got the Type 4 keyboard & optical mouse that it was originally shipped with, so I'm running it with a Type 5 from a Sparc LX.

    Nice machine, though. Still seems bizarre to fire up a DOS window next to a Unix shell
    Looking for Xerox floppy disk images at the moment - if you\'ve got any, drop me a line *please*!


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