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Thread: Compaq Presario al-lin-ones

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kazblox View Post
    Since NetBSD 7.0, the legacy kernel is required.
    Thanks for the heads up. Definitely something to keep in mind when I get there...

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    It's super cool to see all of the other Compaq all-in-one PC fans here! I'm adding my own reply to this old thread as yet another person seeking the original Compaq QuickRestore CD and Floppy disc images for the Compaq CDS 500 series PC. I purchased one of these beautiful machines (CDS 524) with the original box last year, but unfortunately there was no software included in the box! I'm lucky enough to have the original hard drive fully in tact and functioning with Windows 95 on it.

    Has anyone here had luck finding a copy of the original CDS series recovery CD and Floppy? I actually found one on eBay not too long ago, but it was quickly swept away before I had a chance to buy it.
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    Just an quick update on my CDS524.

    On board memory had gone bad and now it wont boot any proper 32 bit OS such as OS/2, NT or *nix which is quite annoying. It ran Mandrake 6.1 for a long time. Also the battery is due for replacement. It runs Dos ok though so can do things like IRC, FTP etc using the mtcp suite of tools. Its now networked using twisted as I've got a few other systems set up on that now with my main system using wireless. A curious thing is it wont run with one stick of 72 pin simm. Needs two because that doesn't need access to the on board ram. Each stick has to be in a particular order too or it wont boot for some unknown reason.

    I'm quite temped to break it down as I do have a Pentium system in the same form factor. Time will tell...
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