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Thread: compaq presario 3020

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    Thanks for the offer. I found a replacement one already. I have mine up and running now without issue. Glad you got it working. I too love the videos on it. I think it is great they got John de Lancie to do the quirky videos.

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    Yeah you're right! I really miss this air of 'magic' in new machines. Computers from the nineties always had a 'wow'-feeling for me.

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    By the way, before I did the system restore, I first recreated the boot partition on the replacement 2 GB Seagate drive. You can create two floppies with the floppy images that are available for this machine, and they will automatically partition the drive for you.

    Also, I found a Compaq-labeled 2GB hard disk drive which I bought for €1. I'm excited to have an original Compaq spare in the machine instead of a generic 2 GB drive.

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