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Thread: Toshiba T3100e Memory Upgrade

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    Many thanks to Humppa! Now my T3100e/40 have 5M RAM (Used 3 chips SIMM modules) !!!

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    >If anyone has experience about what use the A000:0000 range would be for CGA/AT&T 6300 (Olivetti M24), I would be glad >to hear. Other than the "dropped in the final product" explanation, I don't quite grasp.

    Olivetti graphics was a supercga mode, thus all in the b800 segment. A color variant existed (DEB, Display Enhancement Board) which was rare even in the eighties and, afaik never replicated on the newer models.
    The 640x400x2 mode had little more luck, it fits in the same segment and it has an interlaced memory addressing similar to the one used on hercules.
    It existed on few Toshiba models, ATT and Olivetti models (I think even the Olivetti Quaderno is able to react to mode 40h), compaq portable and many others. In some rare case the bios mode was different by 40h, eg on BICOM, but the same memory map and address can be achieved even on hercules cards and monitors (by a proper video registers setting). I still wonder why so little sw existed for that mode, I used windows on the hercules at 640x400 and it looked much better..

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