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Thread: Sleepers

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    Piece of equipment. The word originates in reference to cars - i.e., an old-ass pickup truck with a racecar engine would be a "sleeper".
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    Here's my sleeper. Owned it since 1996. Still not done with the build. Wont say anything else about it either until I'm completely done. Still need to make a mount to hold the GPU up so it's not on the verge of collapse, the vent holes are going to have RGB lights which will be separate fro the inside lights. I might add a 7 band spectrum analyzer on the front in the place of one of the dvd drives. Can't do any of this until the semester is over. Also need to get rid of some orange peel caused by the paint that I didn't have time to polish out.

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    I did an m-atx sleeper once out of an m-atx case that held a low end 1998-spec celeron. The only mod was I drilled a hole for an exhaust fan and spray painted the chassis (not the covers) matte black. Ended up looking like a cute beige minitower until you looked at the backside where it was all powder black and a dim orange light glowing out of the exhaust vents. Had to use an sfx psu though.


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