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Thread: 286 Video Playing Program

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    Default 286 Video Playing Program

    I saw someone here post this video at some point...

    I think someone here is the maker of said video and program, and I want to follow up with them and see if I can get a copy of the program, regardless of if it was finished or not (hopefully it was).

    Can't remember who it was, though.. >.>

    I want to use it on my 486.
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    did you read all the comments. i think it is Mike Chambers who's video that is.
    i would give it out, but unfortunately i lost it. i may have a backup somewhere on another machine. i should have backed this up before formatting the drive ack!

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    full screen video can even be played on an XT - see 8088 corruption.

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    It was Mike Chambers indeed. His claim to fame is doing it in QuickBasic, hence the requirement for a 286 or greater.

    Mike stops in once in a while - he's been working on an NES emulator lately.

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    Mike did that one and Hargle (also here) was one who did the 8088 Corruption program for the 5150. There were some posts though if you search around of them chatting about some of the speed techniques of loading data to the video card. Maybe some code snippets or attachments somewhere around here?
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    Actually, Jim L. (Trixter) did 8088 Corruption.

    Hargle is our XT-IDE designer. (And we need to start on the PCjr version of that BIOS!)

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    I happen to have the program and the BASIC source along with a couple of the video files. However, the assembler part of it (a simple memcopy routine which I wrote) is gone or at least the version used back then. I have the newest version but that would require a minor rewrite of the BASIC source.

    All that being said, I wouldn't bother with it. Even if you have the program you'd still need some way to create the video files. Too much effort involved if you ask me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by mbbrutman View Post
    It was Mike Chambers indeed. His claim to fame is doing it in QuickBasic, hence the requirement for a 286 or greater.

    Mike stops in once in a while - he's been working on an NES emulator lately.
    hey now. its not like an 8088 is gonna pull that smooth 320x200 video off even if the players written in the most efficient asm ever. lol. there's 8088 corruption, but each frame of video for that is 4,000 bytes. (*EDIT: 2,000 actually) 320x200x8bpp is 64,000 bytes. in any event, i've seen the light of C since writing this. ;-0

    and krille's right, the magic here was his little snippet of assembly that let me essentially have memcpy() in QB. pull frame from disk, copy to video memory. and yeah, making a file thats compatible with this player takes a bit of work. never made a proper converter. you have you pretty much use something like the old MS VidEdit program to convert the video depth to 8-bit with an optimized palette, change the frame rate to 18.2, extract all frames to BMP, extract WAV audio, then write a utility to wrap all the raw data from the files (minus headers) up in a single file interleaving the video frames and audio chunks. it'd be nice if virtualdub could be unsed instead of old clunky VidEdit, but vdub doesn't support conversion to 8-bit color.

    off-topic: speaking of the NES emulator, it's on hold as i seem to have gotten it reasonably complete and there are a few bugs which i just haven't been able to figure out. plays a ton of games fine though. maybe i'll post it up here in off-topic for people to try. my current focus is the 8086 PC emulator i've been putting together. talk about hard! the 8086 emu is brutal to debug. the architecture is so complicated compared to say, a NES.
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    I would love to play VIDEO on my 286/8 VGA, so I will testing the video players linked here:
    The problem remains that I do not have found a program that generates possible videos.
    Can you give me an advice, for what program I should look to generate 320x200 256color mpeg1 files.

    hopefully they will run.

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    If you can find 320x200 Quicktime or AVI files, there are some converters to MPEG-1 that should get you an acceptable result. AVI2MPG1 was something I remember from the Win95 era. I tried a recent video converter and it did produce a MPEG-1 file in 320x200 but it wouldn't allow less than 20 frames per second which would exceed the 286's ability.


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