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Thread: Kaypro Profiles Magazine scanned / posted

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    Default Kaypro Profiles Magazine scanned / posted


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    Gene Buckle of WWW.RETROARCHIVE.ORG has now started to scan the Kaypro Profiles Magazine onto this web site. Many issues are already there.

    In addition for those who do not know, there is a lot of other Kaypro info already on it

    Technical Manuals June 1985 P/N 1484 E, September 1985 P/N 1484 F
    Uniform manual


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    ...and I've got a pile more to scan this coming week. I've found that the local Office Depot has a very nice book shear that I can use. Much more efficient than using my table saw for taking the spines off.

    I also have a bunch of Kaypro software manuals that will be scanned once I resolve the custom sizing issue I'm having with the scanner I'm using.

    FYI, all the issues are scanned at 300dpi color so the PDF files are about 50MB each. Some bigger, some smaller.

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