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Thread: Anybody for some Vintage Computer holiday wishes?

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    Cool Anybody for some Vintage Computer holiday wishes?

    Last year, I set up one of my PET's in a Christmas spirit. I used this picture to send Christmas cards to a few of my friends around the world.

    I am considering doing it again, perhaps even one better. The actual PET in the picture has been sold, but I've got plenty of other machines to use. It doesn't even have to involve a computer screen, it could be holiday wishes in form of other computing items.

    If anyone else wants to join in the fun, you are welcome to prepare a nice display and post in this thread. It is not meant as a competition, more a nice thing to do and inspire eachother. I already mentioned some of my wild ideas on the IRC channel, but let your imagination run freely.
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    That is nifty! What a clean machine...
    The white and black on the computer really
    goes well with the Santa's cap!!!


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    Default My Kaypro contribution !

    In the “ spirit “ of the previous post about sharing our vintage computer views and greetings for the holidays worldwide, I offer the Kaypro !

    One digital picture view of the screen with the tree and text greeting.

    Another digital picture view of the Kaypro itself.

    For those not into Kaypros, the tree and text were done in PerfectWriter on my Kaypro II modified to a Kaypro “ 8 “ – more details about this modification / substantial upgrade in my many other posts and on my website – WWW.KAYPROSTS.ORG – under the folder “ Special “ – which contains a draft of my Kaypro book and a 2008 Kaypro calendar with many pictures of such Kaypros and the details involved with the upgrade.

    Sincere Holiday Greetings Worldwide for all interested in vintage computers !

    This hobby has revolutionized my life in many ways.

    Thanks to all who have helped and who have assisted in developing a Kaypro Knowledgebase on this website.

    May 2011 be all the best always in all you all do !

    PA, USA


    What I find fascinating is the holiday greetings posted on this website as the holiday begins at each time zone around the world ! What a great idea – Britain, Europe, Tez in New Zealand, USA, etc.

    We all share in the holiday joy as the time zones progress with the start of the holidays in that particular part of the world !

    A real “ world wide “ web site and hobby !

    Thanks to the internet, we are all now connected to participate and enjoy each other and our vintage computer hobby.
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    Hey, I haven't seen a Kaypro with four floppy drives before. Nice!

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    Well done Frank!

    Boy that is one pimped-out Kaypro you have there!

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    Well done! The calculator and time piece are a nice touch, but the notes and labels add something that a "clean" machine can't touch. From a historical perspective I'd take this one over a NIB anytime.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ole Juul View Post
    Well done! The calculator and time piece are a nice touch, but the notes and labels add something that a "clean" machine can't touch. From a historical perspective I'd take this one over a NIB anytime.
    I disagree. Labels on vintage computers make me want to tear out my hair at the roots (with chunks of scalp still attached). I went through hell removing ugly, dirty old yellow labels from both my Kaypros. Label glue permanently left marks in some places.

    I've always written down information in notebooks rather than glue stuff to the machines.

    The four drives are a nice touch though.

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