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Thread: The Online Documentation Project

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    I didn't see mentioned in the thread. Many old manuals for Tandy and others.

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    Tandy information:

    I've been trying to save those while they are still available.

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    I have archives of the support site from 2012 and 2016 if you would like a copy. They are located here:

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    Various Tandy/TRS-80 Computers and Peripheral Manuals (see 00_index.txt for complete listing)

    Tandy series Computer "Setup" programs (needed for bios configurations)

    Retro Computer Scene web site carries software and manuals for C=, 8bit Apple II, Atari, MicroBee, Tandy, BBC Micro, Oric, TI, and Amiga
    select type and search away.. great little site

    CP/M "Humongous" software archive, yes it cp/m but so much more, trs-80, and other system, look around you will find something your looking for

    TRS-80 Colour Computer Archive

    Biggest Archive of manuals of course is

    TRS-80 Search :
    Atari Search:
    Commodore search :
    etc ect you get the idea.
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    As there where some TRS-80 M1 and clones even in germany there is some information about (in german language mostly) at


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