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Thread: Anybody here actually collect Unix stuff?

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    Default Anybody here actually collect Unix stuff?

    If so, what do you have?
    And what are you looking for?

    Personally, I'm looking for the source code to an old game called "gebaca"
    (GEt Back At Corporate America). Apparently, the author no longer has any copies.
    I understand it used to be available from the "Unix Toolchest".
    Perhaps someone has archived that site?


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    That's the first thing I am going to try running on the emulated 5620

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    I do, mostly on PDP-11 hardware but I've recently obtained a copy of System V/386 UNIX with the X10 drivers for the Blit Express (along with a Blit Express). Haven't set that up yet, though I did recap the monitor for the Blit Express and get it going with the DOS demo programs.

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    Does Apple A/UX count?

    Oh and a Sun Ultra 5 running Solaris.
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    What I collect: 68K/Early PPC Mac, DOS/Win 3.1 era machines, Amiga/ST, C64/128
    Nubus/ISA/VLB/MCA/EISA cards of all types
    Boxed apps and games for the above systems
    Analog video capture cards/software and complete systems

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    I dabble in it a little (currently got a Sun Blade 2000 that I need to get some software loaded onto, plus a couple HP 9000 workstations - an '040-based 425t and a PA-RISC 712, both of which still need an operating system loaded.)
    Computers: Amiga 1200, DEC VAXStation 4000/60, DEC MicroPDP-11/73
    Synthesizers: Roland JX-10/SH-09/MT-32/D-50, Yamaha DX7-II/V50/TX7/TG33/FB-01, Korg MS-20 Mini/ARP Odyssey/DW-8000/X5DR, Ensoniq SQ-80, E-mu Proteus/2, Moog Satellite, Oberheim SEM
    "'Legacy code' often differs from its suggested alternative by actually working and scaling." - Bjarne Stroustrup

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    Well, this is quite a gravedig.

    But, since we're posting, I like RISC machines with weird architectures and many tend to run Un*xy things.
    I use my C128 because I am an ornery, stubborn, retro grouch. -- Bob Masse
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    Quote Originally Posted by ahm View Post
    If so, what do you have?
    And what are you looking for?
    Yup. Besides early IBM PC's and PS/2s, I collect older Sun workstations. Currently, I have a Sun 2/120, 3/60, 3/50 without the monitor, Sparc 5 and 20, and UltraSPARC 2. I'd love to find another Sun 2, but I doubt that'll happen anytime soon. I used to have a framebuffer for it and that's long gone. Last I checked, it still boots up.

    **EDIT** - Once upon a time, I had an IBM RS/6000 that never worked. Right now, I own 3 of 'em (circa 2002/2003, but not sure if that's still vintage). Also had some older HP PA-RISC workstations, a DEC Multia that I never got around to installing IRIX/VMS on. Once had the chance to acquire a Next workstation and an AT&T UNIX PC, but didn't. Anything vintage and UNIX, I'm interested in.

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    I've seen a couple of your guys elsewhere (vintage mac stuff etc..)

    I have an sick *cough/sneeze* SE/30 that should run AUX as well as an 040 accelerator for it that I haven't tried yet. A Plus and Powerbook 190.

    AT&T Unix PC 3B1 (the enhanced model of the 7300) I have no disks but I do have a floppy disk emulator I intend to use to shelp disks between it and my workstation. I've also had ruminations of building a clone of the ethernet card out of surplus components for it.

    I have a fairly vast Sun4c/Sun4m/Sun4d/Sun4u + a T2000 that hosts . The complete list would be 2x SS2 one of which works and has a weitek powerup with Redhat 6.2 installed. SparcStation LX with my custom spun gentoo installed from a few years back (derived from Magnus Lindholms work and suggestions), SS5 I think it has NetBSD on it but i haven't booted it in years it is a 70Mhz model. 2x SS10 which are functional but not setup to run at the moment, SS20 + 512MB ram + dual SM81 + extra fans this was also running my gustom gentoo install but it kept crasing when emerging. I'm going to have a go at using pkgcore at some point instead of portage to work around that python exception. 2x SS1000 and an SS1000E none of which boot at the moment I think they all need PSU rebuilds I have one rebuild in progress.

    Oh and my Sparcbook 3GX running OpenBSD 4.5... its pretty sweet. I want to 3d print a case similar to it and put something more modern in it with a keyboard like the Powerbook 1400 has.

    C128 + 1541UII upgrade (I haven't gotten this working as well as I would like.... interfacing these to newer TVs is a pain), there are supposed to be some almost Unix like operating systems for C64 I might play around with that someday.

    I also have a Brother Opus Typewriter, Blue-Chip daisywheel printer (made for C64 which I intend to get working with a serial adapter but haven't had much success), and an ImageWriter II. Also while on non unixy stuff.. I have a Connectix Quikcam B&W model... which works with the Powerbook 190 its pretty neat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cb88 View Post
    2x SS1000 and an SS1000E none of which boot at the moment I think they all need PSU rebuilds I have one rebuild in progress.
    I'd love to have an SS1000/SS1000E again. That's "one that got away" that I wish I had back...

    I still have a bunch of RAM for those if you think you need some.

    I _may_ have the software set for the 3B1. I used to herd those back a long time ago. If you need me to dig, let me know.

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    Back in the day, just before SysV, there were a number of "minicomputer-ish" micros based on the 68K. Plexus is one that comes to mind. Anyone have one of those? (Plexus was actually peddling those as alternatives to a VAX!). How about some of the WE minis, say a 3B5? (3B2 doesn't count)

    Forgot to mention that there are various ports of Unix to PIC32. Here's one of 4.4BSD on a PIC32MZ CPU.
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