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Thread: Are these Mac SIMMs?

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    Default Are these Mac SIMMs?

    I posted about these elsewhere, and someone suggested they might be for a 68K Mac, so I thought I'd ask in here too.

    I found four of these in a box of old memory. They have four 1Mbx4 chips for a total or 2MB per stick, and a small PAL chip connected to the address pins.

    Are they for the Mac? And what models might they fit?

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    They are exactly the same as the ones I just pulled out of a Mac IIsi. I believe they were also common in the IIx, IIci, IIcx, SE/30, etc.

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    The ones in the SE/30 and IIci/cx often had more chips on them, perhaps different cost ratios on different chip capacities at the time, but this does appear to be a Mac SIMM.
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    They are a standard 30-pin SIMM. Used by more than just early Macintoshes, they were used by many computers in the late '80s to early '90s, before 72-pin SIMMs took off.
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