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Thread: It's DONE!!! Paku Paku -- new DOS game!

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    The Zenith uses the V6355. Here's the docs from the user/technical manual, if that's any help.
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    Ok, this is a new pair of .exe files (you need the 1_3 master files to run them)

    The first writes the CGA ports one byte at a time in the hope the slower write is what's messing up that zenith -- I make no promises on that as my Sharp is still choking on it, don't expect it to be much different. It appears the scanline reprogram is being ignored on those devices, I have no idea why.

    The second .exe was written for PCJr users, though it will also run on Tandy's. It uses the 160x200 16 color graphics mode from those machines instead of the glorified text mode. With scanline doubling it's a hair slower than the textmode version, so I make no guarantees if it will be fast enough on 4.77mhz systems. (my 1000 in "slow" doesn't like it, it's fine in "fast" @7.15mhz). I used scanline doubling instead of making new higher res sprites because that would double the size of the backbuffers and end up being so many memory moves the minimum spec would be an AT class machine -- and what's the point of bothering with Tandy/Jr graphics that needs a 286?

    In a way, that is kinda like how the Atari 2600 could theoretically do 320x200+, but all the sprites were generally done at half that... RAM size limits plus bus bandwidth combined to make actually movnig anything oncreen at the max resolution impractical at best.

    Looking at the tech manual for that zenith it appears that V6355 has the ability to do the same 160x200 16 color mode as the JR. and Tandy -- though it lacks the BIOS routine to initialize it. (and I'm not sure there's enough RAM present either). Would be cute if I could find a way to make the tandy graphics mode run on that card by reprogramming it directly. I'm downloading the full version of that manual to see what I can see. I'm also going to pop open the Sharp -- I thought it had a Chips & tech since that was the only LCD CGA chip I was aware of, if it's also a V, I'll have a test platform.

    Heck, if they included enough RAM it might even be possible to do the 320x200 mode, be interesting if one could make a TSR that latches onto INT $10 to set tandy modes 8 and 9 so these oddball CGA's can run tandy/Jr graphics... though 320x200 needs 32k of RAM so it's unlikely to get that one working.
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    Default Paku Paku is AWESOME!!!


    First of all, fantastic work on this! In particular I especially like the fact that you made use of the heavily under-used (my opinion) 160x100 pseudo-graphic colour mode..

    Second, it plays surprisingly well and is quite responsive even on my own Tiny XT homebrew computer. Tandy sound appears to work well using the /tandysound command switch.

    Gotta get some pics/video of this game in action and post those here (seriously need to catch up on some sleep first though..).

    Once again, AWESOME work man!

    Valentin Angelovski
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    Might be a good idea to update the first post with the latest version.
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    I tried the new version on the Zenith. No change. I also found the amount of video memory in the documentation. It's only got 16K, so the 320x200 graphics mode won't work either.

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    New version release, 1.4 should eliminate the remaining joystick issues on really slow systems like the Jr.

    For people using dosbox or 8mhz/faster machines you probably won't notice a real difference, but if you're on a tandy 1k, jr or original 4.77mhz 8088 machine, it's way better.

    Still unable to figure out why the LCD capable CGA cards don't like it though.

    Unless something major comes along as a problem, and unless I figure out why some CGA's meant to drive a LCD don't work with it, this is probably the final release of this game.

    In other news, I've started preliminary game logic code for my next release which has the working title "Offense Command" which is going to be a bit more robust a redo/mashup of Moonbugs and the old TRS-80 Model 1 "defense command".

    I've also been working on some sprites and animations for it:

    Anyone who's played TRS-80 games should find some of those familiar.
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    Version 1.5 is up in the normal place:

    I've put the readme.htm that's included in the archive up in that directory:

    Mostly this is speedups for real 8088's, redo of the code as 1.4 proved that I have NO business trying to use "tools" like CVS, (Another programmer's crutch -- I can't use crutches either) to fix all the things that 1.4 outright broke due to MASSIVE code regressions (some were all the way back to 0.89) on the final build (which bore ZERO resemblance to the private Beta build before it?!?). "Tools" -- only thing about most such software that can be considered professional grade tools are the people promoting their use.

    @moderators, could I get the original post edited to reflect the new version? (since it's past the edit limit for my level of access)
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    I made you a joystick test program.


    I must admit I love your concept, "Cardware."
    I intend to send you a donation as soon as taxes come back for incentive to make more retro games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kiyotewolf View Post
    I made you a joystick test program.
    Seems a wee bit large for just a joystick test program. What did you build it in? It's almost as large as the executable for Paku Paku!

    I usually use an old program called jtuner.exe -- I think it came with LHX; I've been playing with building my own tuner though -- something small and lean to go in my distro's or in the startup for the game itself.

    Quote Originally Posted by kiyotewolf View Post
    I must admit I love your concept, "Cardware."
    Old concept actually from the 80's and early 90's. Many old programs from pkzip to Linux were released as cardware.

    I disagree with the claim Aaron Giles came up with it -- jpegView wasn't released until 1991, and I KNOW there was cardware released long before that; I had a crappy game I wrote in TP3 called "defendor" in '86 that was cardware. If you read his page he says he released in it, NOT that he came up with the idea -- I should submit an edit to WK regarding that once I source a few... sources.
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    "Seems a wee bit large for just a joystick test program. What did you build it in?"
    QuickBasic v4.5 compiler.
    I'm a TP programmer too, but I stopped concentrating on it, and lost my way.
    Did these get your permission to host your game in-browser with jDosBox?

    I didn't know about jDosBox until I scoured the code, trying to find out how they put your game in a browser window.


    I need to ask you a few questions about how you re-wrote the support libraries to get around the ERROR 200 the speed error, problem.
    I know you referenced it vaguely, and I skimmed it, but I had particular questions, but that's later.

    Sorry about the later reply, for some reason I don't get notified of forum posts from here.


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