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Thread: It's DONE!!! Paku Paku -- new DOS game!

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    Hello, i made a video of my AMSTRAD 1512 running Paku-paku. Enjoy!

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    Hi all, following is my homebrew Flea86 system running Paku Paku version 1.5 using the 'tweaked text' graphics, tandy sound and joystick input options:

    Cheers and enjoy!

    PS: Finally gotten 'round to adding optional joystick support for my own system..
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    Finally got around to trying this on my 386-16, and it's very impressive!

    However, I ran into a snag with the CMS/Game Blaster sound on this machine. I'm using a CT1320C (Sound Blaster 1.5) with the CMS chips installed. Every other game I have that uses CMS plays just fine with this card, but for some reason Paku Paku is silent. AdLib sound works just fine, but the /cms switch doesn't seem to work, only providing a silenced game. Using /debug, it's "seeing" the Game Blaster, and it's at the correct interrupt (220). Trying the /cms:220 switch actually freezes the computer and I have to reset. Any ideas what might be causing this?

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    I haven't yet loaded the game onto my DOS machine, but I've played in the browser window at codecutdown... It's quite a good translation of the game. One bug that I found, but Deathshadow's already aware of it, has a fix for it, and plans to release it in the next version.

    I'm quite looking forward to it - this will easily be a go-to game for my classic boxes.
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    I tried v1.5 on an IBM 5150 with an IBM Color/Graphics Display Adapter, and the speed is quite impressive. There is plenty of snow, but the gameplay is still great. I wonder how well a 128K PCjr. runs?

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    Just a quick progress update...

    'multi-fruit bug' -- squashed.

    new VGA code -- complete. (much better compatibility, that annoying 'bottom stripe' on some machines eliminated)

    new EGA code -- in testing. (If you have a real EGA equipped machine, I need a tester or two)

    code profiling -- complete, removed last bit of lag on 5150. (tested on the real deal)

    sound code -- MPU-401 codebase mostly complete, just needs to be folded into the game. Will have option for GM, MT-32, and the ability to make your own custom patch maps so you can play with what instrument is sent out via midi. Also trying to compose a less pathetic sound patch for the Adlib/FM synth -- but that appears to be an effort in futility given what total CRAP FM sound is.

    I've got a web development project ahead of it (gotta do paying work first), but I'm hoping to put out the 2.0 release within the next two weeks.

    Future planning (probably rev 3.0) includes the possibility of a hercules version (no joke, need real herc card to test with), and possible soft-synth (286+) for better speaker sound, along with adding in Covox Speech Thing and Disney Sound Source support. (which I no longer own, might end up making one from scratch)

    The soft synth version might end up being a second binary/build (PakuAT?) so that I don't 'screw up' the 8088 version with the extra overhead. (the code base is starting to get a bit too hefty for the 256k minimum target)

    I may also make a map editor for it -- the gameplay map is stored in an external file after all.
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    You're buidling up quite a code library here. Ever thought of releasing a vintage computer development kit?

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    Quote Originally Posted by deathshadow View Post
    Future planning (probably rev 3.0) includes the possibility of a hercules version (no joke, need real herc card to test with)
    If you want, I can test it on my 5160 (with original Hercules Card).

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    I don't have a genuine Hercules card, but I have a clone board that I've never had compatibility issues with, I could test on that.
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    Just posted a quick commentary video on Paku Paku v1.5 on my YouTube show, Lazy Game Reviews. Really been enjoying this game over the past couple months!


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