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Thread: Printed Document Availability

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    I agree - has done a great job with what they could get even more information (scanned docs, imaged disks, etc), if they were accessible. I've sent a couple emails to over the last two months to offer some original disks (Altos 5/15 system and software), that aren't listed on their archive, and I've heard nothing back. Is there anyone there monitoring their email?

    If they've stopped adding to their archives, then maybe another location to access this type of info, is a good idea.


    Quote Originally Posted by lynchaj View Post
    My recommendation is to coordinate with the folks from since they have already plowed through all these issues and have established standards on how to scan documentation, etc.

    Al Kossow is on this forum some place and maybe he can chime in. The people at have an excellent system in place and I would make any solution for the problem consistent with what they have already done.

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    As a matter of fact I just asked on cctalk about whatever happened to the idea of having a registry/database somewhere of who had what and where, but no one chose to comment.

    Although I've donated or thrown out quite a bit I still have a few hundred manuals, catalogues etc. I have no intention to scan them except in the case where someone needs a few pages of specific information; even if I did it would be nice if there were a central place to check if someone else had already scanned them. In any case, it would be useful if there were a place where you could search if someone had a certain document that you could perhaps borrow or at least ask the owner to look something up or scan/copy a few pages. Similarly, it would be nice if you could find people who own or have experience with a certain piece of hardware or software, not just docs.


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    Mike, et al...

    This thread is rather old, but let me take a shot with a question about hard copy documentation.

    I got started in computing when I built a H-89 in the late 70's. Subsequent to that I got involved in various beta testing projects for DRI, Concurrent Controls, IBM (OS/2), Novell, ZDS and others. As a result I collected a lot of the hard copy (cased) manuals that were popular back then (along with the incremental development versions of the operating system and programing software). I've been dragging many boxes of this stuff around for decades now and have finally decided that it's time to clean house.

    Since there could very well be an historical value to collectors I hate to just pitch all this into a dumpster. I'm wondering if there are folks out there that would have an interest in it. I'd be happy to just give it to anyone who would be able to put it to use or make it available to others.

    I'm open to suggestions of any sort from anyone who might come across this post.


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    Hello from marcus in Lausanne (Switzerland). I'd be happy to scan any new manuals you have, but I am betting that you live in America, or where do tell?

    In order to simplify the process (for anybody) it would be great if you had an index to what you have, although I know that this is probably going to be unlikely.

    Anyway, please reply and if it is not going to be me (due to postage costs) then hopefully some other kind soul with solid scanning facilities.

    regards mb.

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    You're guess was right. I'm located in North Carolina, in the US so shipping costs would be a problem.

    I should emphasize that my intent is to give these manuals to anyone who would want them and not just loan them out to be scanned.

    Most of the manuals are for the Digital Research operating systems. They did an excellent job of producing the supporting documents back then.

    Here is the list of the ones I've unpacked so far. I"m sure I also have the original distribution disks for these. If no one wants them they are headed for the dumpster.

    Digital Research:

    Concurrent DOS 386, Multiuser-Multitasking, OS
    Concurrent DOS XM, Multiuser-Multitasking, OS
    Concurrent DOS XM Installation Guide
    Concurrent DOS Running Applications Guide
    Concurrent DOS 86 Expanded Memory User's Guide
    Concurrent DOS 86 Expanded Memory Reference Guide
    Concurrent DOS 86 Expanded Memory Programmer's Guide
    Concurrent DOS 86 Expanded Memory Programmer's Guide Supplement
    Concurrent DOS Print Spooler User's Guide
    Programmer's Utilities Guide for CP/M 86 Family of Operating Systems
    Concurrent DOS 86 Expanded Memory Developer Kit
    SID-86 Productivity Tool User's Guide

    FlexOS User's Guide
    FlexOS Programmer's Guide
    FlexOS 286 Programmer's Utilities Guide
    FlexOS 286 Programmer's Utilities Guide Supplement
    FlexOS System Guide
    (Included are all the FlexOS system, utilities, tools, and developers kit distribution disks)

    I also have some of the documentation distributed by Concurrent Controls Inc.

    I suspect that this would be quite a find for anyone interested in preserving the historical aspects of the Digital Research era.

    Since I'm not apt to check in here regularly, anyone that is interested can contact me directly at

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    Hello All,
    Mark here I have been involved with the following web site for many year ( and we have been trying to collect and preserve as many computer brochure/datasheet/sales/marketing stuff as possible, we have just over 2200 brochure etc on line and we would love to be able to add to the collection if possible
    I am happy to pay shipping and re-credit any one when I get the stuff scanned and posted on line, we are looking for Netframe/NCR/NEC/Stratus/Apollo/HP/IBM etc etc etc

    regards and many thanks mark (Dublin/Ireland)

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    I was wondering... are there scanners that can automatically flip pages in a book ?
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    It seems like there is (or rather, you can build one):

    Before this, I had only seen the video for the one from Tokyo University:

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    The DIY project doesn't flip pages. One that works and is commercially available is here:

    It's not exactly cheap (250,000$)


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