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Thread: TRS-Xenix Archive - Anyone have it?

  1. Default TRS-Xenix Archive - Anyone have it?

    Greetings All!

    I've seen reference in the google archives of comp.sys.tandy to an FTP site for TRS-Xenix systems, possibly run by Frank Durda IV - Does anyone have the contents of that long ago gone site?

    Also, is Frank Durda IV still about? As a key person back in the day on the TRS-Xenix project at Tandy, his frequent posts in the past to the newsgroups have been incredibly helpful and inspirational to me as I've built my Tandy 6000 systems! I've often thought you could form a small book on the TRS-80 II/12/16/6000 systems just from his wisdom in past archives!

    Frank makes reference to a series of articles that he wrote. He quotes from a number of them in his posts, and I believe the fantastic article on TRS-80 hard disks on his web site is one in the series. I've also got an article entitled "Serial Ports and your Tandy 16/6000 Computer system" that he refers to as his third article in the series. Are there other documents in this series out there?

    I've always thought his website was evidence of his continued activity, but I see it's hosted on SDF, and so could be there in perpetuity...

    BTW, if you haven't discovered SDF, go there! It's a fantastic service.

    Any info appreciated. Thank you!


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    A set of XENIX floppy images can be found at:

    Some manuals are at:

    Fred Jan

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    You're probably thinking of the MUSIE archive. I don't think it was archived anywhere. About 5 years ago I called the guy that used to run it. He said it was never saved when the school that was hosting it shut down the ftp server.

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    Thanks Kelly...
    Oh well, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Wish it was still available.

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