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Thread: How to get into Bios Tulip DC-286

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    Question How to get into Bios Tulip DC-286

    Does anyone know how to get into the bios of a Tulip DC-286 ?
    Its got a Phoenix A286 1.01 Bios.

    Have three of these mainboards and they seem to work ok but I need to setup the diskdrive to load some Diag software.
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    Here's the generic setup utility from Micro Firmware for older Phoenix 286 BIOSes. The earliest ones required that you run a setup program and contained no built-in setup routines.
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    Hello SunDown79,

    You need tulip diagnose disks. For some reason I can not upload the zip file.
    Can you send me an email? Then I can sent you the diagnose files.

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    Well I actually have the diag disk (3.33) but it just simply wont boot from the drive so perhaps the drive I am using is bogus.

    Ow and I dont have the machine itself, I just have 3 of the same mainboards

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    Okay, you have just the mainboards and they won't boot.
    Now there does ring a bell... Some Tulip machines in those days didn't use the
    cabletwist for the A-floppy. If you do, the machine thinks it's a B-drive.

    Give it a test, use a straigth cable to the A-floppy drive.

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    Hmm dont have any single connector straight cables so I just tried connecting it to the "B-connector" of a multi drive flatcable but well still no go.
    Any other idea's perhaps ?
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    Just a thought, does the floppy need to have a specific name perhaps ?
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    This is my tulip AT compact 3, also an 286 computer.
    As you can see there is no twist in the floppycable at all...
    The Drives are jumpered to A and B

    Maybe you can find some info about this canon drive.
    This drive is set as A drive in this computer.

    Tulip 1.jpg
    Tulip 3.JPG
    Tulip 2.JPG

    Greetings, Roland


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