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Thread: ITT XTRA in Austin TX. $20 OBO

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    Default ITT XTRA in Austin TX. $20 OBO

    I don't really know much about this. It booted up a few years ago but I no longer have a monitor or keyboard that will work with it.

    It has a hard drive and a floppy drive, so I know it's one of the high spec ones though.

    I can ship it if need be.

    I'll get a photo in a bit.

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    Maybe the serial number/model number will help somebody figure out what configuration it is.

    Open to offers/trades, can ship.

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    8088 Pc compatible. That's as much as I know.

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    I used to have one of these machines complete MIB with all the manuals. Its a turbo XT clone with built in IO and I think a RTC, nothing fancy. The only thing notable about it is that it had an on ROM CMOS setup (most XT clones used a setup program on floppy).

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    I have one. It's actually a 286 in an xt-class system. No 16-bit slots, but an optional (and proprietary) 1mb xms memory expansion... I would love to have another, but I can't even spring for the shipping...

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    How about a shot of the insides? lol clones are so hard to sell now a days (seemingly) although then again I never thought I'd see the day where a 486 would go up in value either.
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    It's been sold already, sorry.


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