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Thread: For Sale: spotted on Craigslist (continuous sightings)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Caleb Hansberry View Post
    Mmm no, that's an Apple 1. The Apple 1 is worth more than a Lisa, the Lisa is just a unique side project. However, it is also very rare and considered very valuable, especially the accessories, and I would buy that set for $700 in that condition in a heartbeat. Well maybe not a heartbeat cause it's a lot of money, but I can say that system is well worth much more than $700. I like that that set has the ProFile, mouse, and those manuals - its really lovely. Also depending on what kind of key it uses we might be able to get a new one.
    Oh, thanks for educating me on that. I totally forgot about the apple 1, and had no idea there was a lisa 2. Just like all older vintage machines, they are still unique in some way and most valuable to somebody. I mean just think in 50 years what folks will be using and the history kept with saving some of these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by roberttx View Post
    IBM System/34 in PA, no pics, sadly. Also, the fact that he's spamming CL as far away as Austin, TX, suggests that he thinks he's struck gold.
    Kemners Surplus is the one who has it and is posting the listings. Saw it in person and I have to say as much as I would love to have it and take it to a Museum to see if they could restore and display it, he does not know what he wants for it but doubting it will be cheap and not to mention the means to transport it would be troublesome. It gets relisted often and at some point had the price point of $1000 to $4000 for it listed on CL. For a system that is in absolutely unknown working condition and has seen better days I doubt it would be worth that much of a price to anyone outside of a master restorer.

    Here is a link to it with pictures (Pottstown is little over an hour away from me).

    The guy also has a hefty stock of vintage systems throughout his store. Some are reasonably price while others are debatable, he seems to do restore/repair work with the stock on site before resale and even allows you to try them out to see if they work or not. Not a bad place if you are not typically lucky in finding vintage hardware in your neck of the woods.

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    Here is a Wang 2200 on Craigslist in North County, St. Louis, Mo

    American Legion Post 444 on Old Jamestown Road.

    Looks like a nicely maintained system. Listing says the CL listing will remain till the system is spoken for.


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