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Mmm no, that's an Apple 1. The Apple 1 is worth more than a Lisa, the Lisa is just a unique side project. However, it is also very rare and considered very valuable, especially the accessories, and I would buy that set for $700 in that condition in a heartbeat. Well maybe not a heartbeat cause it's a lot of money, but I can say that system is well worth much more than $700. I like that that set has the ProFile, mouse, and those manuals - its really lovely. Also depending on what kind of key it uses we might be able to get a new one.
Oh, thanks for educating me on that. I totally forgot about the apple 1, and had no idea there was a lisa 2. Just like all older vintage machines, they are still unique in some way and most valuable to somebody. I mean just think in 50 years what folks will be using and the history kept with saving some of these.