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Thread: What is the best GUI to use within DOS?

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    Here is one not yet mentioned, 3DMenu . Didn't do file management, just launched programs using the keyboard,
    we didn't need no stinkin' mouses back then! <BSEG>

    Many of the old shareware menus are here
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    I use OpenGEM 5, a FreeGEM distro. Great for older machines that can't handle Windows 3.x. I use it on my PC/XT and it runs great with just an 8088 and 640k ram. Plus it has some cool apps.

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    Thomas Byers (DRI)- "You'll have a million people using the A> [MS-DOS prompt] forever. You'll have five million using [nongraphic] menu systems such as Topview, Concurrent PC-DOS, Desq, and those types. But there'll be 50 to 100 million using the iconic-based interfaces."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maverick1978 View Post
    Note: There's also another similar thread here that's worth reading...

    The Graphics Menu for DOS

    (yes, that's it's full name)

    A friend in HS picked it up from Walmart off of one of those registered shareware endcaps that they used to have in the early 90's, selling the Commander Keens, One Must Fall, Jill of the Jungle, etc.

    GM was an awesome GUI. Very Windows-like. Full custom menu support, icon-driven (import/edit your own ICO files or use the ones included w/ the system), password-protection on specific icons, pages, or the entire system. Mouse support, everything. I probably should make a screen shot - Quick Menu II was the closest thing I ever found to GM, but it paled in comparison. I used to have about 12 menu pages - one for each family member, a utilities page, several game pages (of which I locked the admin portions of the GM, and locked out the games I had purchased to keep my brother from playing them, as he was fond of refusing to help me purchase games, but quite fond of playing them after I'd purchased them). You could create icons that were shortcut applications, or that pointed to other menu pages. It was quite, quite useful.

    The back-end was essentially a batch file, but GM processed these on the fly, creating the batch file and executing it as soon as one clicked on the associated icon - these were not permanently littering your hard drive, however - which was nice, given how much space you can lose with a FAT file system on smaller hard drives.

    For all that it did, it's memory footprint wasn't really larger than the competition, either - about 17kb, IIRC - but when things got really tight with the conventional memory, I did finally switch to using HD Menu 4, as it's footprint was a third of that. (it wasn't a gui, much closer to DA or X-Tree in look and function)

    The funny thing is that if you relly look at "Grapics Menu for Dos" you can see that it is Neosoft "Quick Menu" with a slightly different face. If you look at the info tab, you can see that it is from the same company in Bend Oregon. I must say that it is a very nice program though.

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    You're right... It's been years since I went through options for the two, but GM for DOS was more advanced than QuickMenu II or III. I just kind've forget why
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    Actually, it is the other way around. Quik Menu has wallpapers, more options in the File application, more screen blankers, etc. They are the both the best GUI's for DOS in my opinion.

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    I think 'DOSSHELL' is best option for you ..

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    i use DOSSHELL
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    Although DESQview (not a GUI) is enough - DOS with it is still DOS, but several applications may be used.


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