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Thread: 26 Pin Hard Disk Connector

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    I've been doing a bunch of digging into this recently - I've posted my findings to date up on my site here and here

    Basically, it looks like RLL, possibly ST-506 signalling, but all TTL (rather than differential pairs for read/write), and for my system at least, a hard-sectored drive.

    I still need to confirm what's being read-from/written-to disk - there's only one head select line, which would indicate two heads, but DOS sees four. I've confirmed there isn't another head select line, and it looks like 17 sectors per track, so at this point I'm wondering if it might be storing 1k sectors and splitting them. I'll post more as I do some more digging - it's mostly a matter of finding the time at the moment.

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    According to the size/thickness of the drive I guess it just has one plattter so supporting two heads max. Dos/bios can be fooled into using another geometry than the disk physically has to keep the number of cylinders/sectors/heads low enough.

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    Are you still interested in knowing about this (mini din) plug

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    I recently loaned one of my Epson Equity LTs to the manufacturer of the drem ( and he was able to build an optional card for his emulator that will allow the emulator to replace the JVC 26pin 20MB RLL drives found in several Epson and Toshiba laptops. I got 2 of them from him and so far they work great. His drem documentation has been updated to include specs on the controller as well.


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