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Thread: Need game cartridges

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    Default Need game cartridges

    I have a trs-80 color computer model 1 and I would love to buy game cartridges for it.

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    You might also want to check ebay - sometimes you can find a lot of coco cartridges for not so much. I believe that there are also a few of them available on the VCF Marketplace.
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    * Roland MPU-401/AT (with daughter card header)
    * Magitronic K-156 Keyboard (5pin DIN w/ XT-AT switch)
    I also collect PC and C64 Sierra On-Line software!

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    Thanks for your response and how do I order cartridges off VCF marketplace?

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    It's just the local trading site Erik set up for us here The Vintage Computer and Gaming Marketplace. It's a no fee auction site that most the folks who post things there are also members of the forums. If you hit that URL you can register for free and bid on things just like most other auction sites.

    I was also going to recommend possibly but most of the items I saw for coco are pretty high in price right now so I didn't post it. Sometimes gaming stores in your area or Goodwill type stores will end up with cartridges once and a while as well which they may not be looking for much in price.

    Are you looking for anything in particular or just for something to test the system with?
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    Thanks I will check game I would like blackjack, bowling, brigde, dominoes, bingo, and pacman. Just want to get back into retro gaming

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    I have some old tape rips in wav format, mostly simple games made by collage kids in the 80's. I used to load them on my coco2 just by runing an audio cable from my pc to the tandy. I can't remember who wrote it but my favorite was Crazy Mazes.

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    Wonder if there's anyone out there making new coco cartridges, a quick google shows someone pondering a coco2 or coco3 cart but that was from 2007 :/
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    New cartridges like blank/dev boards or new software? At the local VCF South there was quite a following for the CoCo3, folks doing a lot of work for OS9, other hardware modifications like CF drives, cpu replacements/debugging, etc. Brendon was there hacking away at a VGA output converter during the event too.
    Looking to acquire: IBM 5100, Altair 8800

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    I don't know as my connection was having a bit of a mood at the time, I think it linked to

    Could be some fun on there

    Tandy machines are something on my list of "want it all" but they are very rare in this locale. Yet another thing to wait till I got the pennies for it.
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    I have several of them in storage. Let me know if you are still interested and I will go see what I have.


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