The Compaq Portable can be considered one of the first IBM PC clones. The company wrote their own BIOS that was like IBM's, letting them have PC compatibility without licensing issues by IBM.
As the name suggests, the Compaq Portable was portable in a sense, due to its built-in CRT and disk drives, but at 28lbs, it was very heavy by today's standards.
[wiki="Image:cportable.jpg"]thumb|right|A Compaq Portable[/wiki]
The specs are here:
  • Intel 8088 CPU at 4.77MHz
  • Stock computers had 128KB, could be upgraded to 640KB
  • Two 360KB floppy drives
  • MS-DOS
  • CGA video card

The Compaq Portable was followed by the Compaq Portable 286, Portable II and Portable III.