The Commodore 64 was one of the best selling home computers avalible in 1982. Designed to compete in a rapidly emerging home computer market, the Commodore 64 became one of the best selling home computers of all time. It was popular in the United States and Europe.
[wiki="Image:c64.jpg"]thumb|right|A Commodore 64 with two 1541 floppy drives, a monitor and two joysticks.[/wiki]
The specs are here:
  • MOS Technologies 6502 CPU running at 1MHz
  • 64KB of RAM
  • BASIC built into ROM.
  • A cassete tape player or floppy drive.
  • Composite out
  • High quality sound due to its built-in SID chip

The Commodore 64 is still commonly found in use today, especially among retro-gaming enthusiasts.