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The Computer chronicles was a popular TV show which aired from 1981-2002. The show was created to show the ever changing computer technologies although now is a reminder of computers past. The show covered hardware and software for many different platforms such as [wiki]GEM[/wiki] and [wiki]MS-DOS[/wiki]. Many computers were shown such as the [wiki]IBM PC AT[/wiki] and the [wiki]Apple //c[/wiki]. The show was hosted by [wiki]Gary Kildall[/wiki] the creator of the [wiki]CP/M[/wiki] operating system and Stewart Cheifet. The television series was very popular and shows many early computer technologies such as [wiki]10base5[/wiki] [wiki]networking[/wiki] and the use of [wiki]teletype[/wiki] machines.

The download page for episodes of the Computer Chronicles [footnote]http://www.archive.org/details/computerchronicles[/footnote]