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Thread: ATi Wonder Series

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    Default ATI Graphics Listing (SVGA, mach8, mach32 and mach64)

    See attached ATI Graphic Listing I retrieved from the ATI Website back in 2008.
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    Default ATI Annual Report 1995 & Corporate Milestones

    See attached information I retrieved from the ATI Website in 2005 and 2006. They contain a brief overview of the Video Cards over the years.
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    Wow! The 1024 VLB was a real thing. I've seen 3rd parties mention it, but I always assumed it must have been a typo. I really want one now.


    Apparently I discovered this 6 years ago but I forgot.

    But what's interesting about the ATi note is that they claim the card is not accelerated. I wonder if they crippled the card through the BIOS or if they used a crippled/defective Mach32 IC.
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