Following a four year assignment in the US Air Force, I entered Newark College of Engineering in September, 1962. I immediately learned about their IBM 1620 Model I and was able to become part of a small group that learned machine language and worked directly with this computer. In 1965 I met Peter George Petropolis who had a small software company, Systems Design, Inc. that was writing software for the Monrobot XI computer and specializing in the back office work for stock and bonds company offices, along with some other applications that were running on Monrobot XI computers. The Monrobot XI was a computer built by Monroe Calculator Co. with a main office in Orange, New Jersey. I worked at Monroe during 1966 and joined Pete's company in 1967. Computer Property Corp. was newly formed to take over the Monrobot line from Monroe and set up a warehouse and office in East Hanover, NJ. There were 350 Monrobot XI computers being used by various companys throughout the USA and one that I remember in Toronto, Canada. During the peak years of operation there were 15 people at Systems Design, Inc. writing new applications and supporting the existing Monrobot XI computers. The entire operation closed in February, 1974. I have never seen a Monrobot XI since then, but there may be some in existance, all I have are pictures and documents. The Monrobot XI computer was very capable at the time, especially with the application that Pete designed, known as "Basis Price Calculation" for the back office of stocks and bonds companies. There were 90 intallations in that industry. Other industries included Home Fuel Oil Delivery, Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, and General Ledger, just to name a few. A local accountant in Morristown, NJ even had one in the porch of his house, handling "Tips Payroll" for diners in NJ and PA.