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Thread: The Mystery Tandy 1000 Model

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    Default The Mystery Tandy 1000 Model

    If you take a look at all the Tandy 1000 models, you see that there are some model numbers very close to each other :

    Computer    Catalog Number
    1000        25-1000
    1000A       25-1000A
    1000HD      25-1001
    1000EX      25-1050
    1000HX      25-1053
    1000RL      25-1450
    1000RL-HD   25-1451
    1000RLX     25-1452
    1000RLX     25-1453B
    1000RLX-HD  25-1453
    1000RLX-HD  25-1453B
    1000RSX     25-1455
    1000RSX-HD  25-1454
    1000SL      25-1401
    1000SL/2    25-1402
    1000SX      25-1051
    1000SX      25-1052
    1000SX      25-1054
    1000TL      25-1601
    1000TL/2    25-1602
    1000TL/3    25-1603
    1000TX      25-1600
    The differences between the 1000 and 1000A are entirely internal with some obvious ones, the latter has a socket for a math coprocessor, and some not so obvious, technical issues fixed and newer BIOS rom that scans for ROM extensions on expansion cards (bootable hard disks!). The 1000HD probably looks identical to the 1000/1000A on the front except that one of the bays has an LED instead of a filler faceplate. Tandy would increment hard drive models by 1 for the RL, RLX and RSX. The RLX has DOS 3.3 in ROM while the RLX "B" models have DOS 5.0 in ROM. For the SX, the 25-1051 designated a two drive floppy system while the 1052 designated a one drive floppy system.

    As far as the 25-1054 goes, there does not seem to be anything specific to this model that would set it apart from the other 1000SXes. There is no indication that that a RAM or hard drive upgrade is part of this model, and it seems it has 2x360KB drives. Does anyone have more information? Could this be the mythical AX, a rebranded SX which was sold in non-Radio Shack stores (Wal-Mart I believe.)
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