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Thread: The Mystery Tandy 1000 Model

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    Too bad about the shipping damage. Looks nice and clean on the inside. I don't think you over payed - the price seems right.

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    That really stinks about the shipping damage. I've been amazed at how poorly some people pack computer. The worst was an original 1000 someone shipped in a monitor-sized box with essentially only some newspaper stacked (not crumbled up even) on the bottom and sides. Some crumbled up, but was essentially rattling around loose in the box. Had another of some flavor with very little packing space around the sides...but it was packed firmly and came though fine...lucky.

    From what I'm seeing of the insides, there's not really any appreciable difference in the SL series. Compared to my SL photos at and the PC-1000 SL clone photos at it's just a minor evolution in the lineup. The only real difference I noticed between the SL and SL/E was the swapping of the ROM chips, but I noted that also between my SL (MB rev B) and PC-1000 (MB rev C)...and your SL/E has a rev D board. I'll try to remember and dig it out and check BIOS versions to see how they compare as well. Still interesting its catalog number is one lower than the plain SL. I guess it's possible it came out at the same time and just had a long production run through varying motherboard rev's...

    Thanks for posting the photos!


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    I recently came across a Tandy 1000RLX HD Computer in storage. It still works great. My question does anyone know what this computer is worth? From the research ive done, this series is rare as they discontinued making them after this model.

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    Here are a couple of recent eBay references:

    Looking this model up, the HD versions apparently use a special and uncommon IDE hard drive that is specifically for XT class systems. So if the hard drive is tested and appears fully functional then that would help the value.

    Of course, cosmetic condition is very important. As always, post pics.

    Also, how complete is it? Does it have keyboard/manuals/software/mouse/monitor?

    I'd say if it is complete and tested, in really good condition, at least $100. But being a last-model, you might get lucky and have some collectors get in a bidding war.

    BTW, you probably should have created a new topic. Fewer people notice your question here.

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    I have a Tandy 1000 RLX Computer that ive found. It has the monitor, CPU/Hard drive, mouse, diskettes, and even the old printer that goes with it. I have the original Radio Shack box with the original owners manual. Looking to sell this computer. Been told its anywhere from 250-450, since it was the last model made and its rare to have a complete 1000 RLX package. Let me know if anyone is interested. Not sure if i put this on the right forum.


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