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Thread: Any interest in reproduction Altair 8800 nameplate?

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    Default Any interest in reproduction Altair 8800 nameplate?

    I'm restoring an Altair 8800 which I received without the thin aluminum MITS ALTAIR 8800 nameplate on the bottom of the front panel. The best reproduction I can have made around here (Hartford, CT) would be either a durable but very flexible vinyl (?) film which looks like brushed aluminum, or a thicker, rigid plastic which also look like brushed aluminum (but not as much as the flexible vinyl). My understanding is that the original thin aluminum stock may have been painted (silk-screened?) since that would allow for the light blue chevron MITS logo. But I can't find anyone who says they can duplicate it this way. Neither would be able to reproduce the colored chevron. I will have to check further to see if the stock is two-layered (black and white) - perhaps if the chevron could be done in white, we could find some way to paint it. Also, both would be laser engraved rather than (what appears to be) raised letering on the original. Set-up fees would be $30-$35 plus $5-$6 per nameplate. So, some quesions for the group:

    1. Anybody else interested in getting one if I have them made up? Cost should be less than $10 each in quantity 10.
    2. I'm leaning toward the thinner vinyl - they tell me that the adhesive backing will allow it to be peeled off (but never used again) and you could always find your own thin metal strip to attach it to. The thicker plastic looks thicker than what I would expect the aluminum stock to be - not a lot thicker, but certainly noticeable upon closer inspection. It would be easier to remove and re-use (put it on your Pentium 4 box?) So, what are your thoughts on the material?

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    I might be interested in one or two for fun although my Altair's have their nameplates intact.

    One thing to remember, though, is that the Altair didn't always ship or get assembled with the nameplate (I once heard that it was an option, but I'm not too sure about that).

    Some systems don't have them and are still "correct" for the day.

    On MITS disk drives I'm pretty sure that factory drive 0's were provided with name plates and any higher numbered drives were not. I've got two pairs of drives set up this way (Drive 0 says Altair Disk on an aluminum plate, drive 1 has no nameplate).


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    Default Altair nameplates

    I'd take one if less than $10.

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    Having one on a modern PC would be a hoot, for those in the know anyway.
    I should find that old Burroughs plate a fix it back over the Packard Bell badge on my monitor.


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