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Thread: Matrox E-VDP

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    Wooow, you are indeed the second known machine pictured in recent history. Sorry I did not see this post sooner.
    Do me a big favor and scan that instruction manual. Likewise once the power supply is up I really want to know how your video card works. I've still been unable to get it to POST.
    Please verify the condition of the tantalums on the ISA backplane. I had multiple blow up before it settled down and there were no shorted voltage rails. Also, PLEASE backup your hard drive. There are unobtanium drivers that should be present that relate to the EIDS laserdisc standard and the cards.
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    I will absolutely work towards getting you scans of the manual and an image of the hard drive as soon as i can. It may be a while because life gets in the way sometimes, but i'd love to get this thing booting and operational again. I've been doing some digging on background info and documentation on the thing and will work on posting some sources for interesting info. based on my limited research so far there many have been as few as a couple thousand units made, or some number between 12,500 and 47,500 units depending on what sources you can still dig up. My ultimate goal, and I may have to recruit some help to get it to this point, would be to get to the point where i can figure out how to run my Space Ace arcade game laserdisc in the machine. may be a pipe dream but in theory its possible because the LD player that this machine uses is one of the few that is known to be compatible with dragons lair and space ace. Honestly I'll be happy to get it to boot again! will post again as soon as I have more to share.


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