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Thread: Mac Plus screen problems

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    Default Mac Plus screen problems

    I've had a Mac Plus for a while and it worked fine for a few weeks after I got it then it went to lines on the screen and now it's at nothing on the screen. I never really worried about this since I wasn't using it to start with (and I had no keyboard anyways, only 2 mice) and now that I was moving stuff around I got the idea of finding a possible fix for it.

    There happens to be one problem though with this, I'm deathly afraid of opening anything with an exposed CRT and I've been told that if you have even the slightest fear not to do anything near an exposed CRT.

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    I've never been inside a Mac Plus, but I've opened my SE/30 without problems. Mainly I think that's just a warning because there's huge capacitors involved when there's a CRT - just make sure never to touch both of their leads at once!
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