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Thread: Greetings from a non-collector, --- just a history buff.

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    Default Greetings from a non-collector, --- just a history buff.

    Hi ya'll, Ray Borrill here, oldataman on the roster. I'm not a collector, jsut the opposite. I started out about three years ago to sell all that I had just to pacify my wife, who wanted to use the garage for some strange and unimaginable use like to put a car in during the long Indiana wnter. I had tons of stuff from a career starting in late 1956, and some of you bought portions of it. I still have a lot of stuff, like a couple Osborne 1's with accessories, a PC Jr. and Apple II (not a II+, IIC etc.) with a cou0le disk drives, and a couple more computers, plus a fair amount of docs. for any compujter you can think of. I also have a lot of documentation for computers starting with the ALTAIR up through the IBM PC, AT and XT, so if you need anything give me a yell.
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    Welcome to the VC Forum!

    It sounds to me like you've got a collection, even if the bulk of it is documentation.

    One of these days I plan to catalog all of the docs that I've accumulated and post them (at least the list) somewhere. I may even have some stuff that you don't!

    Enjoy the forums!


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    Default More than a history buff - he is part of micro history!

    Hi Ray - welcome aboard. Always glad to see you in various forums!

    And for those that don't know Ray, he really has been part of and seen a lot of the 'glory years' of microcomputing - '75-'80. He was one of the first microcomputer store owners, sold Sols, Apples, S-100 equipment, and exhibited at some of the big micro conventions way back when. He has been generous with his collection and his recollections of how it all 'really' happened, when you could start a million dollar company in your garage.

    Whether you lived through those first exciting years (as I did) or are fascinated by the history, Ray is a wonderful resource.


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