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Thread: XTIDE Universal BIOS v2.0.0 beta testing thread

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    Quote Originally Posted by PePe-fr View Post
    ...(there is "system timer" at IRQ0 but it must be another timer as it appears even with the controller off).
    The system timer referred to, is on the motherboard, and is not a clock.

    You should refer to the clock on your card as a clock, or RTC.

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    I found an old floppy with DOS 2.11, using TIMER v1.2 to set and use this RTC chip.

    Here is data about the memory where the soft searches for the data from the RTC :

    PC Timer - version 1.2
    Hundredths and Tenth of seconds usage supported
    Day of Week supported
    Base port list changed
    Base Ports: 0x240, 0x0C0 (auto scanned)
    Chip port addressing: direct, 16 ports
    Chip: NS MM58167 (UMC UM82C8167)
    Ports map (offset from base port):
    +0x01 Counter - Hundredths and Tenth of seconds. (bcd, 0x00..0x99)
    +0x02 Counter - Seconds (bcd, 0x00..0x59)
    +0x03 Counter - Minutes (bcd, 0x00..0x59)
    +0x04 Counter - Hours (bcd, 0x00..0x23)
    +0x05 Counter - Day of week (bcd, 0x01..0x07) (0x01 - Sun, 0x02 - Mon … 0x07 - Sat)
    +0x06 Counter - Day of month (bcd, 0x01..0x31)
    +0x07 Counter - Month (bcd, 0x01..0x12)
    +0x08 RAM - used as following - (0x90-JAN, 0xA0-FEB,0xB0-MAR,0xC0-APR,0xD0-MAY,0xE0-JUN,0xF0- all other months). 
    +0x09 RAM - used as year storage (bcd, 0x00..0x99)
    No conflict here, apparently.

    If I sum up, there is NO IRQ for the XTIDE board, and thus no risk of IRQ conflict.
    But, there may be (or not) a conflict with the memory address used by the board.
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