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Thread: XTIDE Universal BIOS v2.0.0 beta testing thread

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    Default XTIDE Universal BIOS v2.0.0 beta testing thread

    It's been over a year since XTIDE Universal BIOS v1.1.5 was released and now it is finally time to release v2.0.0 beta 1.

    This is quite a big release as the version number indicates. There are so many changes that I don't think there are any code left from v1.1.5. Here are some of the most significant changes:

    • Support for EBIOS functions (more than 7.8 GiB / 8.4 GB can now be accessed)
    • Support for LBA48 addressing (more than 128 GiB / 137 GB can now be accessed)
    • Support for virtual drives via serial port
    • Support for XTIDE "chuck mod", XTIDE rev2 and JR-IDE/ISA

    Personally I think the most significant change is that I no longer do all the coding myself. Serial support is done by GregLi and Krille had done lots of excellent optimizations.

    There is a reason for public beta. Please, read wiki manual carefully, especially the Important if you are upgrading from XTIDE Universal BIOS v1.x.x. So basically you might lost all data if you upgrade from XTIDE Universal BIOS v1.x.x!!! Also note that you might lose all data when updating to future versions if I need to change the way CHS parameters are generated for LBA drives. That is the main reason for public beta.

    There are separate instructions for emulating Serial Drives.

    Beta 1 comes included with BIOS Drive Information Tool (BIOSDRVS.COM). It displays some information about the drives in system. The output looks like this:
    -= Drive 80h   =-
    ATA-information from AH=25h...
     Name: SAMSUNG SP1634N                        
     Cylinders    : 16383     , Heads: 16   , Sectors: 63  
     CHS   sectors: 16514064
     LBA28 sectors: 268435455
     LBA48 sectors: 312581808
    Old INT 13h information from AH=08h and AH=15h...
     Cylinders    : 1024     , Heads: 255   , Sectors: 63  
     Total sectors: 16450560
    EBIOS information from AH=48h...
     Version      : 21h  , Interface bitmap: 1h  
     Total sectors: 312581808
     Sector size  : 512
    I'm hoping you can run this program on systems without XTIDE Universal BIOS and then compare the results with XTIDE Universal BIOS v2 with the same drive. Please let me know if there are any differences. It should be safe to move the hard drive from one system to another if the drive geometry results are the same.

    Of course, please let me know any bugs or if something should be improved or modified.

    XTIDE Universal BIOS v2.0.0 beta 1 can be found here.

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    Wow, virtual serial drives - that's impressive!
    Quick question: this BIOS will not work on a XTIDE v1 card?

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    Great news!

    Yes it will work with the original; use the 8K binaries.

    Aitotat - don't suppose the flash utility supports sst39sf0x0a chips?

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    Has the new XT-IDE BIOS had any trouble with a native SATA HD using a SATA to Parallel IDE/ATA converter?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Great Hierophant View Post
    Has the new XT-IDE BIOS had any trouble with a native SATA HD using a SATA to Parallel IDE/ATA converter?
    AFAIK, no one has tried that combination but feel free to be the first!

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    XTIDE Universal BIOS v2.0.0 works with XTIDE rev 1 just like the previous versions do.

    Configurator does not support flash chips (at least not yet) but EEPROMs from 8 to 32k are supported (but I've only tested with the 8k that is on XTIDE rev 1). Changes can be saved so it is possible to use other utility for flashing.

    SATA to PATA converters are invisible to software so if the adapter works with your hardware, it will work with XTIDE Universal BIOS.

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    The CSEL issue on the original XT/IDE board might cause issues with SATA bridges.

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    Hi, did I imagine it or is there a potential bug in 1.x with drives of approximately 1GB? I felt sure I'd seen something but can't find it now. Aside from a couple of ATA-2 drives, it seems odd that all four devices that won't work properly with the DPv2 board are about 1GB - namely WD 2850, 21000, 31200, and an integral compact flash card INCF1G.

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    There is nothing special in 1 GB capacity. I used to have 1.2 GB Seagate (the great ST51270A slimline model) on my 486 when I did testing with XTIDE Unversal BIOS 1.x.x. I also tested 850 MB and 1 GB Seagates, 1 GB Maxtor and 850 MB Quantum. Never had any problems with them.

    I have no idea why WD drives are problematic. I don't have one to test, except old 85 MB WDAC280 (and I think I tested that one too).

    It is easy to test if the problem is with XTIDE Universal BIOS or IDE controller. Find a system where the drives do work with the motherboard BIOS. Then disable them from motherboard BIOS (set to none) and place XTIDE Universal BIOS AT build on the system (doesn't matter if the BIOS is on a network card, XTIDE or in some other card). Do not connect the drive to XTIDE but keep it connected to the multi I/O card or motherboard integrated IDE. There is no need to configure the v2.0.0 AT build since the default settings are fine for just about any AT system.

    Now the XTIDE Universal BIOS should detect the WD drive and it should work fine. If not, then I must find one of those problematic models for testing.

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    The note I was thinking about turned out to be in the 0.11 BIOS notes,

    1) possible drive translation issue with drives ~2G in size. Some bioses report cylinders-2, whereas we report cylinders-1 in INT13 fn 8

    Anyway, is there a BIOS development thread somewhere?


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