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Thread: Might sell my IBM 5150

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    Default Might sell my IBM 5150

    I have a 5150 and it seems to just sit in the corner and doesn't get much use. Would anyone be interested in buying it if I wanted to sell it? It works just fine.


    192K ram / (Would have to double check)
    Color adapter and Monitor
    2 Floppy drives
    Original keyboard
    Original software with boxes (Software boxes)
    - Atari 1040 ST
    - IBM 5150
    - IBM 5170
    - Laser Pal/286
    - Hyundai 386sx-20

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    I think lots of people would be interested (myself included). Its reall a matter of price (and shipping)...

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    I would personally be interested in some of the software.
    Wanted: - Complete SERIES ONE TRS-80, IBM 5170 AT, Original authentic IBM 5100 Portable, IBM 5151 Monitor. Also looking for Packard Bell 75Mhz computer, Commodore Pet w. Built-in cassette drive, amber 12 CRT, Mac SE-30 hard disk to replace the bad drive currently installed, TRS-80 Coco series 1 upgrades including memory, IBM PC 5160 compatible CD ROM.


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