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After I wrote the above and reread the posts about cut/paste (which frankly shocked me), I got to thinking. People don't actually just load up the little bit that MS or IBM provide on their disks do they? That wouldn't be much of an OS if they do. I would hope that everyone has their own personal way of doing things. PC mag certainly tried their best to facilitate that.
Depends on the purpose. Back when I lived only with my DOS machine, I certainly had my suite of personal batch files and utilities to make life easier. These days, when DOS is my toy rather than my sole system, I'm content to predominantly run a default DOS install with my small list of indispensable utilities: List, Softkey Editor (SE), dirdel, ansi.com, PC Tools 8.0, and my game unprotection utilities (as that's mostly what my DOS systems are these days - game machines)

Of course, my specific way of structuring my directories remains the same now as it did then, as does my "give me my menu" command, e.bat, located in my c:\utils directory, which also contains all of my "indispensibles" in addition to my batch files.