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    I recycle Computers part time. Came across two 386 era computers this weekend. The components were in those huge 30+inch tall towers so I decided to carefully remove the compontry from them. Fiqured no one would want the towers.

    Below is a list of the parts and a blurry picture (sorry)... If anything appeals to any of you or you want a better pic just shoot me a PM. I do want to state that I cannot gaurentee these work.. The owner I got them from said they did last time he turned them on...

    Western Digital WD90C00 16BIT ISA VGA WD90C00 JK WA V77

    2 Controller cards. They say AMS Model 1100M on them but I cannot find any more info then that.

    HM83C452L Serial/Game port card. Again could not dig up much info.

    2 TEAC FD-55GFR Part No. 19307351-49 5.25 floppy Drives

    UM386 Motherboard Rev 1.0. with UM 380-011 BIOS(Eprom), also has AMD 386 DX-DXL-40 CPU Chip as well a 8 1meg 30pin? RAM chips Model KM44C256BJ-8

    Other board says PCC-77AT05E on the side corner and has 4 chips (they actually say Chips on them) and list 16Mhz at the bottom of them. The ram also appears to be either soldered/wired into the board or has pin type slots. I have not tried to pull them out becuase I am not sure if they even come out. Could not find much info on this board as well...

    Also have 2 HUGE A-Matic 230W switching power supplys that were installed with the boards.


    If I don't hear anything in a week or two I will assume they are not desired and send them off to PC heaven.

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    I have got a lot of inquires on this equipment. I cannot keep up with the PM's Going to post as *Sale Pending* and will either update or start a new thread with whats still available after the storm. Thanks


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