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Thread: Feeling lucky, is the 3c509B compatible with 8088 using NE1000 drivers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Trixter View Post
    I'm ok with the BIOS, as putting it in any clone would have the same argument and there's nothing wrong with that.
    Well, I will happily admit that you would know better than I do. :)

    I'm wondering if Andromeda ever disabled Plug and Play on the card using 3CCFG. If not, that would explain the error when trying to find an available IOBASE address, right?

    Perhaps the very first error mentioned:

    Quote Originally Posted by 3CCFG CONFIGURE /PNP:DISABLED
    !!! ERROR !!! the configuration parameter specified is only available for 3C509B NICs in ISA Mode
    is the key.

    Maybe the card is in EISA mode.

    Hey @Andromeda92, please try the following:


    If that doesn't work, could you try disabling EISA in the 3CCFG program? From the Test menu, go to Install, then Modify. Pick I/O Base Address and use the arrow keys to pick "ISA".


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    From the Test Menu, i have only:
    Run Test
    Test Setup
    Echo Server

    On Menu Install:
    Menu Configure NIC, on I/O Address, i can only change address from 200-3E0

    3CCFG CONFIGURE /IOBASE:ISA <= Command not recognized


    I put what in place of N?

    I have not option on menu for seclect ISA or EISA.

    my version of software 3CCFG is 3.2.

    i have bye this card on ebay, maybe the person had it configured in EISA mode, but I can't find any command that allows me to put the ISA mode of the card.

    this command
    Unable to recognize value 'ISA'

    When i launch the command 3CCFG LIST, it detect a 3C509-TPO and not 3C509B-TPO.
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    also, the command 3CCFG configure /syncready is available only for the 3C509B-TPO in ISA mode.

    it's possible to modify configuration software 3ccfg for accept command ISA mod, for example 3ccfgisa, and this command put the 3C509B-TPO in ISA mode ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by andromeda92 View Post
    When i launch the command 3CCFG LIST, it detect a 3C509-TPO and not 3C509B-TPO.
    Yes, I'm leaning towards that being the fundamental problem right now. Until 3CCFG sees the card as a 3C509B, it will not be able to disable Plug and Play.

    Some possible causes:

    * Corrupted EEPROM makes card identify itself incorrectly. If that was the case, tricking 3CCFG into thinking you have a B version would maybe make it work. However, I do not know how to do such a thing.

    * Bug in 3CCFG.EXE, which is a version of 3C5X9CFG modified by Predator99 to work on 8086 processors. In particular, it uses an overlay and I got a warning about that when I used PKLITE to compress the executable to fit on a single floppy. I had thought it wasn't a problem, but maybe it is.

    * Something else wrong with the network card

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    if someone has an image of a .hex file with an IOBASE configuration: 320h irq 3 or 5 in isa mode, no modem, configport 110, XCVR: TP, with PNP Disabled, I can program the eeprom
    of my card.
    I have IBM 5155 XT 8088 ISA 640k.

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    I received my 3C509B-TP.

    3ccfg recognize my card as 3C509B-TP.
    I can disable plug and play
    3C509 0x60 work fine.
    I have IP address
    DHCP work fine.
    PING work fine.
    FTPSRV work fine.

    I think that my other card is not a 3C509B-TPO but 3C509-TPO, it's a counterfeit
    even if on PCB it show 3C509B-TPO.

    I will test the card 3C509B-TPO when I receive my 486 on a 16 bit ISA port.

    Thanks all for your help.
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    Occam's Razor wins again Glad you got it sorted out.
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    Hurray! So, as Trixter said, not a problem with the Phat BIOS.

    I'm still wondering if it is your card or 3CCFG even works with any 3C509B-TPO. I doubt your card is counterfeit, but I do wonder if somebody may have overwritten the EEPROM with an image from a non B card.

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    Default thanks all ...

    Quote Originally Posted by nestor View Post
    Good news! I managed to replace all the 286 specific asm instructions with generic 8086 asm instructions and now the packet driver seems to work in a 8088 based XT machine.
    Please test it, you will find the files attached to this post.
    Just a shout out to yourself and others here who got me interested in getting this working on my 5050. It all works perfectly and I was able to demonstrate that both the full height and low profile versions of the 3C509B cards work. I also tried the non-B version since I had one but it's non-functional in a 5050 as mentioned, other than apparently being able to configure it.
    I noticed that the config utility advises that the several base addresses I tried (300-340) were in conflict with other hardware (when they were likely not), but it all works after ignoring that warning.

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    ... 5150 I mean ...


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