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Thread: Looking for the name of an apple ][ game - help needed

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    Question Looking for the name of an apple ][ game - help needed

    Hey everyone,

    I am trying to remember the name of an apple ][ game I played well over 20 years ago but I can't. You could help! Read the following hints:

    1) It is a kind of adventure game where you control the player with 4 direction keys to explore a very large map with areas connected with narrow passages and guarded by enemies. Your goal is to reach an exit before you are killed.
    2) It is a kind of top down view where the character is always centered on the screen and the stage scrolls both horizontally and vertically.
    3) The character has maybe two weapons, arrow and bomb. You may need multiple arrows to kill an enemy but a bomb kills with one shot, including killing yourself if you detonate it too close to yourself. Once you kill an enemy, you can go through its corpse to collect items to use. Some items are screen bombs (shape of bomb on right side of the screen) and you can wipe the whole screen of enemy out. Some will bring dead enemy back to life (they don't carry items anymore), maybe in the shape of a horn. There are other items I don't know what they do.
    4) I think it is a one disc game and you can save game too.

    Any help?

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    After some searching, I found the name of the game to be gemstone warrior


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