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Thread: Tandy 10 Business Computer

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    Default Tandy 10 Business Computer

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    Default More Tandy 10 Info (3 pictures= 21KB)

    I managed to find the manuals that I knew I had somewhere. By a miracle they were in the second box I looked in!

    My scanner is not available at the moment, but I took pictures of the manuals.

    Here they are!
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    Default Tandy 10 16K RAM Board Pics

    Here are some pics of the Tandy 10 16K RAM board.

    As you can see, the board consists of an array of 1Kx1 2102 RAM chips, along with some DIP switches. The DIP switches were used to configure the bank of memory for the card.

    The Tandy 10 had three of these cards, for a total of 48K.

    A little while ago I got sick of storing the Tandy 10 boards, and I tossed them into the dumpster. I believe that this is the only surviving board.
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    Default Pics of the card cage and power supply

    Here are some pics form the manual, of the card cage. you can see the power supply in the background of one of these pictures.

    The power supply was very heavy, and had a number of cooling fans in it. The current output at 5V was high. I remember thinking it would make a good welder!
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    Man, all I can say is 'drool'. If you're ever interested in parting with this stuff let me know. I have an obsession with Tandy junque and my wife is very tolerant.

    If I give you credit, can a grab copies of these pictures for my various displays? I'm guessing credit would go to "Mike Motta"...


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    Default Don't "drool" on my Tandy!

    Feel free to use those pics, as long as you give credit to "" (shameless self-promotion!)

    I can get you better copies, if you'd like, by scanning them.

    Just let me know.

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    Scans would be great. Let me know when you get around to it. I'll be realtively near by (compared to home anyway) on June 6th. I'll be at MIT for the day.


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