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Thread: Honeywell 200 resurrection

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    Not sure if anyone is out there, but have made some progress and even implemented a GUI front-panel. Not 100% functional yet, but getting close. Here is a short video of it running MACHIN. The real-time display of address/data really slows it down, even if it is limited to just SR and op-code (as shown here).

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    I have setup a project page for my effort. There is a download page linked from there where you can get the "jar" file for the virtual H2000. I'm still hoping to find folks that can help, with either more details on how the machines operated or with code to run.

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    Hi durgadas,

    My sincere apologies for not responding earlier but I haven't been getting notifications of new posts on the thread for some reason. Ah, you just can't trust these computer thingies can you?

    I am truly impressed by what you have done. That is a lot of work. As I mentioned on my website I had contemplated designing a visual emulation of the control panel but decided that some direct graphics software would be needed to work fast enough. I looked at the possibility of using DirectFB under Linux, but my work on the actual hardware has to take precedence. As the pictures on my website are generated from text files using PovRay I have all the measurements of the control panel shown there, although the real thing may be slightly different. I'll find out when I finally get it from California. When I can find the time I'll see whether my graphics can be incorporated into your programme as I spent a long time making them as realistic as possible.

    MACHIN was written to run in ADMODE 2 but there is no CAM instruction in it as it was intended to be run on a minimum configuration machine which would always be in ADMODE 2 anyway. I can't remember what the initial ADMODE was on the larger machines. Regarding the assembler, I did once have a listing of the Easycoder A assembler source code but it looks like it got thrown away at some time, which I deeply regret now.

    After working in Easycoder on a small machine in the 1960s I moved on to using COBOL on the bigger machines in the 1970s, so my knowledge of them at machine level is by no means so detailed. I am happy to try working out any of the problems with you though. I'll also check my previous contacts with former H200 series users who might be interested. Most people just can't remember much of the details now though.

    It's my wife's birthday today, so I have pressing commitments now, but I just wanted to reassure you that I am still around and my project is crawling along. It gets boring if I just keep reporting my lack of progress on the thread, which is why I haven't posted anything for a while, but I'm hoping to get back to work on it soon. I'll get back to you. Keep up the brilliant work.

    Rob -
    The Internet is a winch to get your project off the ground ... but always have a parachute handy.

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    A little off-topic.
    "Aroma Therapy" - I had the chance to walk the hallowed halls of an old IBM facility recently, and as I ducked into a stairwell, was overcome with nostalgia... the source was a distinct smell from my past...

    The gentle blending of
    cigarette smoke, machine oil, and punch-card chad,
    slow-cooked on an electric motor,
    infused into linoleum.

    It survived fifty years in the linoleum of that stairwell... ah, the good old days...


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