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Thread: 601 error IBM XT.

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    Default 601 error IBM XT.

    What this mean? OK, I think that's floppy drive. I connected something wrong? I have 2 power connectors in my XT marked: P11 and P10. There is Tandon FDD and Seagate ST-412. They use difference voltage? Something is wrong with the drive... If it's 100% broken down I will search for Magnetic Peripherals drive. I heard that these drives are better than Tandon's. LOL drive work! Delete this thread...
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    The time has come. Delete, DELETE!!! YTMND: TRS-80 Hacking Secrets Revealed!!!

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  3. Default 601 error IBM XT.

    According to the list of error codes I have for IBMs, 601 is indeed a floppy drive/controller issue; and as far as I can remember IBMs & PCs require both 5v and 12v for drive power and _should_ have connector that only go in one way. Does the fdd exhibit any activity when you turn on the xt? Try swapping the fdd or controller out if you have spares, but a working drive is usually better than a dead one no matter who made them.

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