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Thread: Spirit Messages

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    I was just notified by automatic email that marcelvanherk had posted a message on the "Honeywell 200 Resurrection" thread in the Minis and Mainframes forum. The email even gives the text of his message but the message isn't in that thread and his profile says that he hasn't posted anything anywhere yet. I know Marcel from elsewhere and know that he is with me on this project, at least in spirit, but what is happening?

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    As a new user on this forum, Marcel needs the approval of a moderator for his post to show up in the thread.

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    But as recently as yesterday IIRC I reported and observed spam messages, so automatic moderation-queue of first post doesn't seem to be an enabled feature, not for all new users at least. And from what I understand the post in question happened several days ago.


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    Sorry - it's been busy.

    A moderator deleted the posting in question - it was a "one liner" that looked like noise. Unlike when a spammer posts, the poster was not banned. Just the "content free" posting was removed. A mistake in retrospect, but we encourage people to take more than 10 or 15 seconds to make a reply so that it looks considered and thoughtful (and thus can not be mistaken for spam.)

    The forum software decides that some new members need moderation while others do not. Usually it lets more go through without moderation than it should; a legitimate new user almost never winds up waiting to have their posts approved.


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